Berlin, Germany

Berlin, June 2016: Following the success of the new Skykitchen Restaurant, DREIMETA went on to tackle the relaunch of the bar on the 14th floor. While the goal for Skykitchen was to embody the creative spirit of the dynamic city, the design of the Skybar focuses more on the exotic characteristics inherent to the surrounding metropolis: the cacophony of sounds and smells, discovery and experimentation, diversity and community. The result: an eye-catching oasis with spectacular views over the “urban jungle” that plays host to a wide range of guests – both local and visiting.

The primary goal for the redesign of the Skybar was to translate the aforementioned exotic characteristics of the city into the interior design, improve the operational aspects where possible and – of course – take full advantage of the stunning panoramic view. From an operational perspective, the changes were minimal and involved minor restructuring in the space planning and circulation to improve functionality and ensure smooth operations both during and outside of the opening hours. An innovative selection and execution of colours, materials and custom-designed furniture transform the space into a bold visual landscape, not only creating a unique ambience for guests, but also serving as metaphorical reflection of the stunning cityscape beyond the full-height windows.

An important aspect of the functionality for guests was maintaining a clear circulation path. First, a vestibule was designed to create more of an “arrival” space coming off the elevator. From here, guests are drawn into the space by the warm hardwood flooring that wraps around the central bar, interspersed with lacquered green boards in varying shades that complement the plush green carpet and deep green marble bar front. Moving further into the space, a variety of comfortable armchairs and sofas in rich hues are scattered along the length of the glazed panoramic outer façade. For those who love to see and be seen, the seats by the semicircular brass “cages” take center stage. Alternatively, those looking for a more low-key setting can retreat to the comfortable booth tucked away at the back of the room featuring a curious jungle tapestry and soft, velvet curtain. Adventurers without a fear of heights will enjoy the tables directly along the façade, a front-row seat to the beauty of Berlin’s skyline. For special events, the brass dividers can be removed to open up the space completely. This flexibility enhances the commercial viability of the project and creates a larger target group, as it appeals to a wider range of guests.

While ordering a drink, patrons can admire the rear wall of the bar, featuring a patchwork of dusty rose, ochre and warm gray mosaic tiles. This adventurous fusion reflects the eclectic mixture of guests that are encouraged to come together at the Skybar. Eye-catching details such as the flamingo-pink bar stools and yellow tile-clad columns playfully interrupt the glamorous fabrics and sleek finishes. Indirect lighting and a selection of pendant lamps round off the design, subtly accentuating the layout of the space and setting the mood. Visible from any spot in the Skybar, the twinkling lights of Berlin’s skyline beckon guests to set out and explore the city – but with a dazzling interior, top-quality drinks and stunning views, the Skybar offers plenty to discover without ever setting foot outside of the hotel.